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Meryl Streep in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”, 1977

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Margarita Terekhova in The Mirror (dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)

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The Mirror (dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)

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This is an accurate representation of how the Beatles arrived in my life and ruined it! ^^ 

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Alexander McQueen Fall 2006 Details

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dragonfiretwistedwire’s 5,000 follower Graphic Giveaway

in celebration of reaching a follower milestone, i wanted to do something special for all the lovely people who have stuck with me through the incessant insanity and occasional breakdowns (okay lbh those happen all the time)

i really appreciate having people to talk to and freak out with and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS A BEAUTIFUL RAY OF GOLDEN SUNSHINE! so…..i present to you my first giveaway:


  • 10 lucky winners will get a picspam graphic like the one ^above^ that tells a little story about themselves
  • i was inspired by krystal and laura's graphics that they made for other tumblr users (click their names for examples) 
  • i thought of just doing simple requests but i will be opening requests again soon anyway so that wouldn’t be as special!
  • the graphic above is a prototype of the ones i will making for the winners (yes that is my face (twice), my eye, and those are my hands (with a nasty rotten pomegranate i might add))
  • you can send me images of yourself if you want and i will include those in the picspam as well as things that represent you or are just images that you really love. you can basically just tell me your favorite things or give me a theme/archetype/specific character/whatever that you want me to use to express the mood/story of the picspam (sorry this is sounding way more complicated than it is)
  • in other words, send me a few pics (not all 10 because that would defeat the purpose!) and give me some things to go by and i will make you a thing :)


  1. you must be following me (i hate the way that sounds because it seems like i want to gain followers through this which is not true…but it would be quite pointless to make a graphic for my followers if they aren’t actually following me….ja feel?)
  2. no giveaway blogs please (i will check)
  3. reblog/like ONCE 
  4. the winners will be chosen on March 1st with a random generator thingy (you will receive your graphic during my spring break (March 8-16) when i have time to complete them)
  5. LEAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN!!!! i will message the winners and you will have 2 days to reply or i will choose a replacement

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January 26, 2014 and 1967…

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